Rowan is in-demand for her insightful and evidenced-based presentations at conferences, meetings and special events. She has spoken nationally and internationally on a range of topics related to science education, innovation and leadership.  Her speaking engagements include TelstraSuper, CSIRO, The Laborastory, World of Drones, BrainSTEM, Telstra and many national and international conferences. 

'Your talk was truly inspiring. The words have been echoing in my head since. Leaders like you make me believe that my dreams can also become true.'  - Audience member

Presentation at the 2016 Victorian Event from the 2016 Winner of the Victorian Public Sector And Academia Award



Rowan consults to industry, higher education and government groups on matters related to future work skills, women in STEM and education. She's provided workshops, mentoring and consultation on matters related to higher education to Department of Science, Innovation and Industry, PwC, VicRoads, The Henley Club, Homesglen TAFE and a range of other national and international universities.