My research focuses on leadership in science education and enhancing employability skills in science students. 

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Current PhD students


Roby Volta with a thesis on 'Design for Social Intelligence in Higher Education, co-supervised by Lisa Grocott and Ricardo Sosa

Cath Dickson with a thesis on 'Impact of climate change on a sub-Antarctic keystone species Azorella macquariensis
(Apiaceae)', co-supervised by Melodie McGeoch and Dana Bergstrom. 


PhD student position available

An opportunity is available for a PhD student to join my research group. I'm seeking a creative and motivated students who wishes to carry out original research on undergraduate science education and developing 21st Century capabilities.  For further information about a PhD at Monash University see here


Past Group Members

Laura Wilson, BSC(Hons) Student


Laura completed her honours in 2016, after completing a major in biology. Her project was co-supervised by Dr Susie Ho and resulted in the following paper: Wilson, L, Ho, S. & Brookes, R.H. ‘Student perceptions of teamwork within assessment tasks in undergraduate science degrees,’ Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 


Dr Zara Hicks, Research Assistant

Zara supported projects on 'developing team work skills in undergraduate science students'.  She is now exploring some cool science education projects involving planes and science outreach.

While she worked with us, she contributed to the following work: Brookes, R.H. (2017) ‘Developing Teamwork Skills in Undergraduate Science Students: The Academic Perspective and Practice’, Proceedings of ACSME




Dr Marianne Hicks, Senior Research Assistant

Dr Hicks was a senior research assistant in our group during 2014.  She investigated the use of a narrative based approach for conveying scientific concepts in an online platform. Marianne has a PhD in history from Monash University and has extensive experience as an education designer. She has now gone on to inspiring young minds as a high school history teacher.

Marianne published the following pieces while she worked with me:

More than an overseas experience: rethinking global citizenship teaching 

Hicks, M., Tham, M & Brookes R.H 'Exploring the function of online narratives to develop critical thinking and localisation of knowledge in an international science program'. British Journal of Educational Technology


Melissa Tham

Melissa Tham worked with us as a research assistant supporting several research projects. Melissa gained her honours degree in Education at Monash University.  She's now working on her PhD at Monash University in the Faculty of Education.

Melissa contributed to the following research: 

Ho, S.S., Wong, B., Tham., M & Brookes, R.H. 'Science undergraduates are motivated to undertake leadership training to enhance employablity and impact'International Journal of Innovation in Science and Maths Education, 24 (3), 71-83