What is the future of science education in universities?


In a fast changing world characterised by uncertainty and disruptive change, our young scientists have the opportunity to provide solutions for many of our biggest challenges.

How can universities deliver a science education that builds capacity for an uncertain future?

A science education for the 21st century should build a strong understanding of scientific concepts whilst fostering a capacity for innovation, enterprise and leadership.  

Fostering these 21st century skills doesn't need to come at the expense of useful scientific concepts. They can be integrated in a well-rounded curriculum.

And that is where the work I do comes in.

Researching, Designing, Implementing and Delivering Future Science Education



Rowan designs, implements and delivers innovative educational programs. Her main focus is teaching leadership, science diplomacy and entrepreneurship to undergraduate scientists.

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To further the theoretical understanding of transformative science education, my practice is supported by research. The Brookes Research Group explores how to foster 21st century skills in science students.  

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