Rowan has over a decade of experience teaching and implementing educational change initiatives in the higher education and not-for-profit sector 


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Director of Education, School of Biological Sciences

Rowan provides oversight for innovation, governance and support of educational programs in the School of Biological Sciences. The Faculty of Science is ranked in the top 50 of the world. In the School of Biological Sciences we teach 5000 students per year.


Bachelor of Science Advanced Global Challenges (Honours)


Rowan was the inaugural Course Director of this innovative Science degree from 2013-2017 where she was involved in designing, implementing and teaching into this degree. 

‘Global Challenges’ is an Australian first disruptive science degree that immerses students in leadership, entrepreneurship and industry engagement. Our graduates use science to convert ideas into workable solutions to global problems, preparing them for the future of work. The course is industry-linked through alumni, mentors, instructors, internships and industry challenges.

In 2017 Global Challenges won the Dean's Teaching Excellence Award. 

"If I had to describe the course in five words, they would be: groundbreaking, provocative, interesting, unconventional and I know it's a simple word, but - fun!"  - Student 

Bachelor of Environmental Science 

Students in an Environmental Sampling unit testing soil.

Students in an Environmental Sampling unit testing soil.

As the Coordinator for the Bachelor of Environmental Science, Rowan was responsible for invigorating this degree, which was run across the Science and Arts faculties. This change was prompted to increase the employability of the BEnvSci graduates by developing an authentic, skills-based and industry focused approach in the curriculum.

Rowan also transitioned a 'Methods in Environmental Sampling' core unit from a traditional unit into a blended delivery, student-centered approach with authentic assessments. 

"This class was a unique, helpful, and valuable for me as a student. It was an outstanding experience that I will recommend to everyone." - Student