Dr Rowan Brookes designs, implements and delivers educational programs with heart.  

Through exploration she encourages her students to become lifelong learners who have the tenacity, adaptability, self-awareness and creativity to act on the global stage.

Rowan has over a decade of experience teaching and implementing change initiatives in the higher education and not-for-profit sector.

Read on below for details of some of her educational projects...

Bachelor of Science Advanced Global Challenges (Honours)

Rowan currently works in the the Science Faculty at Monash University, where she is the Course Director of the Bachelor of Science Advanced -Global Challenges (Honours).

Rowan has been involved in designing and implementing all aspects of this degree since its inception in 2014.  

Through the curriculum she teaches her students the art and science of making a positive difference in the world through leadership, science diplomacy and entrepreneurship. She has developed a degree curriculum with a strong focus on the development of graduate attributes, employability skills and global citizenship.

"If I had to describe the course in five words, they would be: groundbreaking, provocative, interesting, unconventional and I know it's a simple word, but - fun!"  - Student 
Rowan developed the concept and implemented this hackathon

Rowan developed the concept and implemented this hackathon

bachelor of environmental science 

Students in an Environmental Sampling unit testing soil.

Students in an Environmental Sampling unit testing soil.

As the coordinator for the Bachelor of Environmental Science, Rowan was responsible for invigorating this degree, which was run across the Science and Arts faculties. This change was prompted to increase the employability of the BEnvSci graduates by developing an authentic, skills-based and industry focused approach in the curriculum.

Rowan also transitioned a 'Methods in Environmental Sampling' core unit from a traditional unit into a blended delivery, student-centered approach with authentic assessments. 

"This class was a unique, helpful, and valuable for me as a student. It was an outstanding experience that I will recommend to everyone." - Student

Educational designer

Rowan provided strategic planning and advice for the implementation of a large scale blended learning program at Monash University across all Faculties. 

In this role Rowan coached hundreds of academics towards new approaches in teaching and learning   

"Rowan's positivity and understanding of education has benefited me in so many ways. It has helped me... to think more carefully about my pedagogical approach." - Staff